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D30 three remote stations automated terminal

Product name: D30 three remote stations automated terminal
It applies to the opening and closing, monitoring and control equipment inside the ring

The company's distribution automation terminal products in the full absorption of foreign advanced technology and distribution terminal equipment based on the adoption of the recommendations of senior experts from the power system and the vast majority of users, for the distribution line running characteristics of the design of a new generation of high reliability, high cost The automatic control device. The product is suitable for urban, rural, enterprise distribution network automation project, completed RMU, column switch monitoring, control, protection and other automated functions. The product has telemetry, remote, remote control and other functions, can be detected and the transfer switch status, terminal operation, both sides of the state line power, line voltage, line current and other data.
Products with network protection (face protection) function, using the peer to peer communications, to quickly identify and isolate faults in the absence of the master case; with a watchdog controller function, rapid removal of the user branch line failure, can be equipped with electronic station, the main station achieve normal distribution line monitoring and fault identification, isolation and non-fault section to restore power. The product uses the latest technologies, technical indicators have reached or exceeded the standards in the field of power distribution.
The company distribution automation system configuration flexibility of end products, processing speed, easy installation and maintenance. Master unit uses an embedded real-time multitasking operating system, software clear structure, reliable performance, easy to upgrade, rich third-party support software. System application of advanced DSP technology to communicate power system fault detection sampling and ensure the accuracy and stability of the system. Large-scale ASIC (ASIC), multilayer and surface mount technology applications, the system integration and reliability greatly improved. Dual power-down protection, enabling automatic seamless switching battery and external AC power failure condition data protection. Optimization of automatic calibration, automatic frequency tracking AC sampling technology to achieve a measure of free exchange regulation, maintenance-free, calibration-free, long-term stability to ensure sampling accuracy. Using a variety of measures to protect and shield, greatly improved anti-jamming capability of the apparatus. Sealed protective shell, anti-interference ability to withstand high pressure, lightning and high-frequency signal interference, electromagnetic compatibility compliance with harsh class industry standards.