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RT-DMS1000 distribution automation master system

Product name: RT-DMS1000 distribution automation master system
It applies to provinces and territories under the jurisdiction of the power company's distribution network automation monitoring and control system

The company developed distribution automation system is based on the master IEC 61970 / IEC 61968 standard, fusion integrated modeling platform layered architecture, service-oriented (SOA), such as design, easy to achieve interoperability between systems, has a strong standardization application integration capabilities and good stability, scalability. The system not only provides a comprehensive distribution network application platform (SCADA, DA, GIS and other functions), also provides comprehensive data on common FTU, DTU, TTU, online monitoring terminal distribution line, load control terminal and other terminal equipment acquisition platform, provide powerful decision support for scheduling and distribution management.
The system is suitable for cross-platform mainstream operating systems and databases, can access different manufacturers and distribution terminal, integrated with network monitoring and control, feeder automation, distribution network work management, device management and distribution network analysis functions, constitute a complete Distribution master system. The system can easily achieve a flexible data acquisition, data processing, remote control, accident alarm, recall the accident and other functions. Troubleshooting functions of the system, enabling fault location, fault isolation, non-fault region to restore power. At the same time, the system provides open interfaces, interconnection support and MIS, GIS and other computer systems for different application scenarios distribution automation.
The system is the combination of experience and wisdom and faith Riverstone long-term research and application of proven, high stability, has a wealth of operational experience on-site, and can be flexibly configured according to different customer needs.

Distribution automation master system diagram